• Image of SS Berg

One of the most remarkable sights I have ever seen was off the coast of Newfoundland. I made my way to a small town in the north region of Newfoundland called Twilingate and hired a boat and it's skipper to take me out to capture gorgeous shots of Icebergs.

Among the few we saw this one was my favourite looking like a emerging submarine. This gentle giant floated silently bobbing with the waves. What was even more interesting was this particular berg was actually part of a larger one that had broken apart over night. The 5 large pieces that were a result of the crumbled original were each over 40' tall and 100' long, others were much longer. The smooth parts of this berg are the parts that were under water for years.

This print comes in a limited edition of 300 total (including all sizes).

All prints are printed with archival inks and printed on archival papers.

Due to the wide range of sizes offered the image will be cropped to maximize the final look. If you like email us for a sample of the final rendering.

Each piece is individually printed, signed, and numbered by David and are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.