• Image of Post Processing Workshop

Ever wondered how your favourite photographers get those polished final images? Now you can learn the secrets behind the edit.

As photographers, our goal is always to get the best shot we can ‘in camera’, but there are some things the camera just can’t do. Just like the good ol’ darkroom days we can get creative and make your images look the best they can.

Come for a full day Post Processing Workshop, where we will process our images together step-by-step.

Price Per Person: $400

Date: 2018 TBD

Location: Calgary Ab

Maximum of 10 people, minimum 4.

Deposits are 50% of the workshop price, they are non refundable. Deposits will only be refunded if we do not meet the minimum participants required.

Head over to www.davidwilder.ca under workshops for more details.

Use Promo Code YYCPICKUP for Calgarians looking to pick up their order and for workshops that don't need shipping.