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Photography is all about light, without it we would not have photographs. Heck, without it we would even have colours. There are so many factors when it comes to great portrait photography but lighting is one of the fundamental pillars. The right lighting can inspire emotion, it can transform the subject, and it can make or break the shot.

Over the course of this one day workshop we will explore, create and debunk one of the most frustrating parts of photography to master. We will begin with an introduction to lighting concept, move to lighting in action and ultimately capturing powerful portraits.

Price Per Person – $350

Date: TBD 2018

Location: Calgary Ab

Maximum of 8 people, minimum of 4.

Deposits are 50% of the workshop price, they are non refundable. Deposits will only be refunded if we do not meet the minimum participants required.

Head over to www.davidwilder.ca under workshops for more details.

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