• Image of Oneonta Gorge 2

Oneonta Gorge is one cool place it is a simple hike, the two hardest things about the hike is the careful balancing act you have to do over the giant pile of driftwood and the very cold water you have to wade through at some points its chest deep.

When you are hiking the gorge its like being transported out of this world, back into time. Just beware of rocks the size of baseballs falling from 100' up.

The first day I hiked the gorge it had rained the entire time and I wasn't able to get any clean shots down the gorge, same with the second attempt, but on day 3 at 6am I was blessed with clear skies. When I got there no one else was around so I slowly took my time moving up the river. About an hour in a pair of fellow photographers showed up and we decided we would work together so that we wouldn't get in each others shots, so we walked up the river in a line spread apart making sure every one was happy before moving on.

This print comes in a limited edition of 300 total (including all sizes).

All prints are printed with archival inks and printed on archival papers.

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