• Image of Moss

Wahclella Falls is a short drive from Portland Oregon USA, along the Columbia River Gorge. It's a fairly tame hike, although it does have some steady inclines. The pay off however is worth it, the fall seams to emerge out of nowhere in the side of a giant rock face. The entire place is covered in a beautiful green moss, the river twists and turns finding its way around giant boulders that have been in place for decades.

I managed to carefully balance myself on a set of boulders, while carrying a 45lbs camera bag and shielding my camera from the mist. Once I was sure of my placing I quickly shot in between bursts of mist trying to get the clearest shot I could.

This print comes in a limited edition of 300 total (including all sizes).

All prints are printed with archival inks and printed on archival papers.

Due to the wide range of sizes offered the image will be cropped to maximize the final look. If you like email us for a sample of the final rendering.

Each piece is individually printed, signed, and numbered by David and are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.