• Image of JACKAL

This series of images came to me simply when I blew out a candle one day. I headed to Wallmart and picked up a pack of incense, I set up one studio strobe with a snoot to make a focused beam of light. For a backdrop I used some black seamless paper, to start I let the smoke flow the way it wanted to with the air movement in the room. Once I was happy with the results I started to manipulate the movement a few ways, by blowing, by tapping the stick I made the smoke twist and spiral making patterns. Lastly I took some of the images and used mirror and even flipped some to create these stunning ink blot like images.

This print comes in a limited edition of 300 total (including all sizes).

All prints are printed with archival inks and printed on archival papers.

Due to the wide range of sizes offered the image will be cropped to maximize the final look. If you like email us for a sample of the final rendering.

Each piece is individually printed, signed, and numbered by David and are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.