• Image of Canadian Rockies Workshop Sept 14-21 2020

Sept 14-21 2020

Min 3 Max 6 Participants

The Canadian Rockies are like no where else on the planet! Banff National Park is one of Canadas most beautiful place to explore. From the breath taking colours of glacier fed lakes to the astonishing mountain peaks, Banff National Park is filled with adventures waiting for you.

On our 7 day adventure we will explore the best locations the park has to offer. Seeing locations like Vermilion Lakes, Mt Rundle, Castle Mountain, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Bow Lake and even venturing as far as Emerald Lake and Takakkaw Falls just over the Alberta/BC boarder.

We will make the townsite of Banff our home base for the first few days of our adventure, accessing some of the most incredible spots in the area. Then we will head west and stay in the town of Lake Louise where you will see some of the most incredible lakes anywhere.

During this adventure at night we will get to see some of the darkest sky anywhere in North America. This is where we will witness the beauty of the Milky Way and if we happen to be very lucky maybe even the Northern Lights!

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