David’s beginnings started humbly, Born David Maurice Dale Wilder in the heart of Fort Worth Texas to a single mother Jacqui. As a child David was the typical boy, climbing trees, falling out of said trees, roaming the yard, playing sports. When he turned four David migrated to Canada with his Grandparents to start new.

Growing up David’s Grandmother was always artistic, crafting, painting, creating, it was here that he started to catch the bug. She encouraged him to see things differently, to create, to explore, to dream. At the age of 10 David found his way into Photography, the family camera would tend to go missing. Saving his allowance he would buy rolls of film to photograph anything and everything around.

At 14 David began to venture to the Rockies with his friends to snowboard some of the most amazing mountains in the world and of course the camera was in tow. An old 35mm Minolta with a Sigma 17-35 lens. As the years passed the digital revolution came and David adopted it, it made it cheaper and easier to learn. Fast forward to the age of 24 David attended film school in Toronto, this is where he learned the fundamentals of storytelling and the technical skills behind cinematography and photography.  

Through the remaining years until now David has continued his passion of photography, traveling the world to some of the most beautiful and dangerous landscapes like the glaciers of Iceland to the lava fields of Hawaii. His drive and passion pushes him to find some of the world's most beautiful offerings. Not only does David search the world for extreme landscapes to photograph but he spends many days experimenting and creating stunning fine art photography with many household items.

David's attention to detail, passion, and drive is what creates his amazing work. In his own words “I found the meaning of my life when I looked through my first viewfinder. I create images that move me and allow me to escape even if it is for just a moment, and all I hope is that they do the same for others.”